I am a Helsinki-based creative technical photographer. My work consists mainly of architecture and interior photography and of museum and reproduction photography. I work for commercial clients, institutions such as museums, and private clients.

My work starts with studying and understanding the subject so that it could be represented the best way possible. My background as an art historian (MA, Helsinki University, 2013) has brought me deep knowledge of both art and architecture.



I enjoy architectural photography because it’s a combination of controlled and unpredictable elements. Natural light, weather, and people make the otherwise highly controlled situation interesting.

Comprehensive study of the building and its spaces is the basis of my images. I like to understand the architect’s motives and spend time in the building and around it to grasp how light moves and how people use the space. I am also interested in researching how a building is connected to its environment.

I aim to represent the buildings and spaces expressively, but also to portray their function. In addition to finding interesting angles and views, I enjoy the precise technical process of careful composition and framing. To create effective images, I balance between the client’s wishes, the architect’s intentions, the choices of the people who use the space, and my own creative interpretation.



Reproductive photography aims to create a high quality image that is as similar as possible as the original art object in terms of color and shape. It represents the object thoroughly and with precision. For example, these images can be used in artist books, catalogues, art prints, conservation documentation, and archives.

To achieve this, I focus on standardized and controlled workflow and quality control, which also allows working efficiently on larger quantities of objects with same quality. I have a solid background in photographing art collections and handling art objects. I also work on exhibition documentation and have expertise of photographing the various media of contemporary art from objects to video installations and performances.



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